United Irish Red And White Setter Society Of America

While perusing the United Kennel Club (UKC) web site, it occurred to me this just might be the answer to the problems facing the Irish Red and White Setter owners in the United States.  Seems there is strife in the country stemming primarily from the quest for American Kennel Club recognition.  Two groups (Irish Red and White Setter Club of America, Inc., and the Irish Red and White Setter Association, Inc.) have a similar goal in mind, yet can’t seem to come to terms as to how to get there.  The division is understandable when one knows the core differences.  Seems the IRWSCA and the IRWSA have a different definition of what is an IRWS.  This little tome has no intention of taking a side in this debate.  In fact the author is of the opinion the two sides will not be able to resolve their differences any time soon. 


That brings us to the point.  The United Kennel Club may be an alternative sanctioning body for all IRWS owners.  The Red and White is already a recognized breed within the UKC, eliminating one hurdle.  The UKC offers conformation shows, including national specialties, and sanctions field events—some of which are televised.  These activities are not always mutually exclusive, so the dog owner interested in each aspect of the breed has a wonderful venue to support his or her hobby.  The UKC is a major league player in the world of dogs—just ask the ‘coon hound’ folks.  Visiting the web site is strongly recommended (find them at


In this light, the author is proposing the formation of a new club under the auspices of the UKC to support all friends of the IRWS.  This club will have a mission of providing its membership an all inclusive, fun, informative group for enjoying any and all aspects of IRWS sport.  The intent is in no way to circumvent the efforts of either the IRWSCA or the IRWSA.  Those organizations should continue with their stated goals.  It is hoped members of both the aforementioned groups would find the newly formed Society a welcome addition to their dog activities.  The Society should be viewed as a place to hold combined activities, national in nature, where the differences of the two groups can be put aside. 


Forming the Society will be no easy task.  Interested parties are welcome to come forward to participate in the ground-breaking activities of choosing a Board of Directors, starting the incorporation process, finalizing a constitution, and creating the by-laws and mission statement.  A first step all can take is to register your IRWSs with the UKC.  Second, contact this publication with what role you would like to play in the formation of this new and exciting Society.


The UKC has made us an offer that if we all register them together in one mailing we can at a fee of $18.00 this is a $10.00 per dog savings. We need all applications in by February 15, 2003. Contact the UKC for an application or download one from the web site. Fill it out and send it with your check written to UKC and copy of your AKC pedigree to Jean Plummer PO Box 28 Dunbar, KY 42219 contact me if you have any questions.



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