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Friday, June 14th  

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  • Billing Procedures

  • New customers are sent an invoice to the customer's billing address via the US Postal Service immediately upon account activation. We do not email invoices. Payment is due within 7 business days. If the invoice is returned due to an invalid address an attempt to call the customer will be made to correct the address. A new invoice will then be mailed. If the customer cannot be contacted in an appropriate amount of time the account is disabled.

    Payments by credit card will be accepted by written authorization only. Payments can either be made as a one time charge or on a recurring basis. An online copy of this form is available at http://www.vci.net/creditcard

  • Existing customers enrolled in either the monthly or the 3 month pre-pay payment plans are billed on the 20th of the month before the account is scheduled for re-newal. Again, our invoices are mailed via the US Postal Service, not via email. Payment is due by the first of the next month.

    Overdue Payments - Our invoices and statements clearly state the due date of the payment. Services are always billed in advance. This means the bill for February's internet access is mailed on approximately Jan 20th and payment is due by February 1. Accounts not paid on time are given a minimum of a 10-day grace period. Accounts not paid on time may be deactivated after 10 days and deleted after 15 days. Deactivated accounts continue to accumulate incoming e-mail and user id's are reserved. Deleted accounts do not accumulate incoming mail and user id's may be lost if a new user request that id. It is not possible for us to call every customer to remind them their bill is overdue so please send your payment in on time to ensure your service is not interrupted.

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