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Sunday, April 14th  

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  • Dial Up Account

    VCI provides dialup internet services to most communities in western Kentucky. We also have nationwide and 800 access available to those living or traveling outside western Kentucky. Our pricing plans are very competitive and our service is excellent.

    VCI has 3 types of payment options available.
    $14.95With automatic credit/debit card payment each month
    $15.00Without credit/debit card (3 month prepay - total $45)
    $16.95Without credit/debit card

    Each VCI dial up account includes the following:

    • Credit Card/Debit Card Payments Accepted    
    • No Setup Fee
    • 56k Modems
    • Free VCI Webmail
    • Free SpamWatch Service
    • Free VirusWatch Service
    • Two Email Addresses
    • Extra Mailboxes Available ($1.00 each)
    • High Speed News Server Access - Over 62,000 Newsgroups
    • Personal Homepage (10 meg)
    • One-On-One Technical Support
    • Dynamically Allocated IP Address
    • 64k ISDN (128k requires 2 accounts)
    • Multilink PPP Support (requires 2 accounts)

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