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  • DSL Service

    DSL is a high speed internet service available from VCI using your VCI phone line. Unlike traditional 56k modems, DSL does not tie up your phone line. This means you can talk on the phone line and surf the internet at the same time. With VCI's DSL service is on all the time!

    To obtain DSL your phone line must qualify for DSL service. To determine if you phone line qualifies please email VCI or call 442-0060. We can quickly qualify your phone line for DSL service.

    768k x 128kCALL (includes 1 static IP)
    1.5M x 256kCALL (includes 1 static IP)
    3.0M x 384kCALL (includes 1 static IP)
    6.0M x 512kCALL (includes 1 static IP)
    Each DSL account includes 5 email addresses.
    Other speeds available for businesses. Call for details.

    Each DSL account also comes with these VCI Advantages:
    • Fantastic Internet Performance
    • Local Tech Support
    • SpamWatch - Spam filtering.
    • VirusWatch - Virus filtering.
    • WebMail - Web access to your email.
    • Existing VCI customers can keep their VCI email address.

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