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Sunday, April 14th  

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  • FTTU - Fiber to the User

          FTTU (fiber to the user) uses fiber optic cable to transport data and voice at very high speeds and large volumes to Paducah's businesses. FTTU service is powered by Paducah Power System's FiberNet network.

          VCI is now offering high speed internet service to businesses on or near the FiberNet. Fiber service is superior to DSL, cable and wireless internet service because it can obtain much higher speeds. If your location has not been eligible for DSL, cable or wireless internet service in the past you may be able to have a high speed internet connection. Our pricing for this product is very competitive, with even greater savings as more products are introduced and purchased by you.

    The following list contains the most common types of service:
    • 10Mb x 2Mb
    • 20Mb x 1Mb
    • 3Mb x 3Mb
    • 5Mb x 5Mb
    • 10Mb x 10Mb
    We also offer point-to-point connections if you business needs private connections between two or more locations.

    FTTU has many advantages such as:
    1. Consistency - Fiber is reliable.
    2. Single Contact - A single point of contact for your internet and telephone services
    3. Single Bill - One bill to pay
    4. Digital - All digital service
    5. Future Proof - Fiber is currently the most modern transport option available
    6. Security - Fiber can't be easily tapped into
    Please call us if you are interested in learning more about this new service.

    270-442-0060 or sales@vci.net

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