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Friday, June 14th  

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  • Mailboxes

    VCI currently has 3 mailbox accounts available.

  • Free - VCI's dialup customers are provided 2 mailboxes. DSL customers are provided with 5 mailboxes.

  • $1 per month - If you already have a VCI account and need another then this plan is for you. A username and password are all that's needed establish a new VCI email address. The cost of this mailbox is added to your existing account.

  • $5 per month - VCI also offers mailboxes to those individuals who do not need full internet access. This option is ideal for those who want to keep a VCI email address while away or obtain an email address without the cost of full access to the internet.This is billed in 3 month increments only.

    Each mailbox has a 300 MB capacity.

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