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Sunday, April 14th  

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          Internet access via 56k modems has been in use for a few years now. 56k modems are standard equipment in new computers. As a result we can surf the web faster, transfer files faster, play games better across the internet, talk to others with our microphone with higher quality, etc.

          These pages are being maintained to describe the advantages and disadvantages associated with 56k modem technology. As much as our tech support personnel can think of and more will be covered here in these pages. I highly recommend you read each page.

          If you have connection problems and would like assistance call our tech support personnel at 442-0060 or 800-755-1239. We may be able to help you improve your connection by modifying your modem's initialization string or other connection parameters. Your modem's rate of through-put is much more important than your modem's connection speed.

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