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Tuesday, May 28th  

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          When a computer is connecting to the internet certain noises should be heard from that modem. A US Robotics modem will sound different from a Rockwell or Lucent chip based modem (all other modems).

    1. US Robotics (X2/V90) modem making a good connection <click here>
    2. Diamond (K56Flex/V90) modem making a good connection <click here>
    3. A 33.6k modem making a good connection <click here>
    4. A 56k modem making a bad connection <click here>
          So what's the point with these modem noises?

          If you listen to the modem noises that made a good connection you might notice how the noises lasted only for a few seconds. Whereas, the bad modem noises went on, and on, and on...and did not connect. Sometimes it will connect but at a slow speed.

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