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Tuesday, May 28th  

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  • What is V90 & V92?

    V90 is the modem protocol defined by the ITU as the first protocol used by 56k modems to connect at a speed near 56,000 bits per second. V90 allows modems to receive data at a highest speed of 56,000 and transmit data at about 33,600. These receive and transmit speeds greatly depend on the telephone line the modem uses.

    V92 is the modem protocol defined by the ITU as an improved version of V90 that allows 3 major enhancements over V90 modems. These enhancements are:
    1. PCM Upstream - This allows higher transmit speeds so you can upload files faster.
    2. Modem On Hold - V92 modems have the ability to receive calls using call waiting without disconnecting from the internet.
    3. V92 Quick Connect - Faster connects so it doesn't take so long to get on the internet.
    Unfortunately, V90 and V92 technology have caused several common problems as listed below.
    1. Some customer's often have problems connecting to the internet.
    2. Other customer's may have problems accessing the internet after they have gotten online. This is usually the result of the internet connection being unstable.

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