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Monday, March 27th  

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    How do I stop those annoying popups?

    Popups are one of the most annoying items on the internet. They are like the web version of spam. Some people get more popups than others because they have spyware programs on their computer that watch what web sites they visit and popup an ad applicable to that web page. Some popups are displayed when you visit commercial web sites like Yahoo, eBay, HP, Amazon etc..

    Fortunately, VCI can help you block some of the popups. Our VCI Gold service has a popup blocker built in. You can also use the popup blocker built into Windows XP SP2 edition.

    If you don't use VCI Gold or don't have Windows XP SP2 edition you can install try one of the following options to help reduce the popups.
    1. Popup Blocker - If you are confident the problem is not caused by spyware you should install a popup blocker on your computer. Some popup blockers are free but most must be purchased. A free popup blocker can be found at PanicWare.com.

    2. Spyware - To stop the popups caused by the spyware you should remove the spyware from your computer. VCI recommends one of the following free spyware removal and detection tools to help you with spyware: AdAware and SpyBot
    Anyone having further questions about popups can contact VCI by contacting us at support@vci.net

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