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Friday, June 14th  


The e-Tel voicemail system can be customized in many different ways. The CommPortal provides a graphical way of controlling the voicemail configuration. Using the CommPortal your voicemail can be used to specify what happens to incoming calls from all callers or specific callers.

Use an option below to access the voicemail system:
  • CommPortal - This is the web interface used to access voicemail messages and manage your incoming calls. You will need your phone number and password to login. If you don't know your password please contact e-Tel support. You may be asked to verify your identity as a security precaution.

  • 270-557-1000 - This is the phone number used to access the voicemail system from your phone. This reference guide describes what and how to access the voicemail features. Dial this number from your phone and enter the PIN. If you call from another phone you may be asked to enter the phone number of the voicemail you want to access.

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