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Wednesday, August 4th  

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Most Popular News Headlines
US Navy charges 20-year-old sailor with setting fire that destroyed US... - USA Today 8 hours ago

    A Navy sailor has been charged with starting a fire on USS Bonhomme Richard in 2020 that injured over 60 firefighters and caused billions in damage.     

Woman arrested in Calloway County after assaulting multiple people - WPSD 7 hours ago

    Click for details...

John Corbett says he and Bo Derek are finally married after 20 years t... - CNN 3 hours ago

    Actor John Corbett has revealed that he and partner Bo Derek married at a secret ceremony in December.

: America’s funeral homes find new life hosting weddings, concerts a... - Market Watch 8 hours ago

    Veteran standup comic Ellen Karis will be appearing at an Aug. 12 show at New York's storied Frank E. Campbell funeral chapel.

A teacher is suing an Arizona school district for implementing a mask ... - CNN 3 hours ago

    An Arizona judge will hear arguments Wednesday over whether a Phoenix school district can require people to wear masks in defiance of a state law banning mask mandates in schools.

Entertainment News
Best Shampoo For Colored Hair - EOnline NEW!

    Love the look of fresh color but hate how quickly it fades? Try these shampoos for color-treated hair.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Karl Soderlund, Sally Jessy Raphael’s Husband, Dead at 90 - EOnline NEW!

    Soderlund died from complications due to Alzheimer's disease.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

The Best Diaper Bag That Is Chic and Functional -- LeSportsac, Hersche... - EOnline NEW!

    Shop stylish diaper bags that busy moms won't mind carrying.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

'AGT': Daredevil Annaliese Nock Terrifies Judges With Wheel of Death S... - EOnline NEW!

    'AGT' returned on Tuesday with live shows from Universal Studios Hollywood.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Justin Hartley's Ex-Wife and Daughter Support Him As Chrishell Stause ... - EOnline NEW!

    The actor is getting some support from his ex-wife, Lindsay Hartley, and daughter, Bella.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Financial News
London Markets: Pound sees strength ahead of Bank of England decision - Market Watch 1 hour ago

    The British pound held the $1.39 level on Wednesday, a day ahead of a Bank of England decision as expectations grow the central bank will soon announce a reduction in bond purchases as the U.K. economy reflates.

Bond Report: Treasury yields drift lower ahead of ADP jobs data, refun... - Market Watch 1 hour ago

    U.S. government debt yields edge lower Wednesday as investors await a reading on July private-sector payrolls activity and details from the Treasury Department on its funding plans for the coming quarter.

Futures Movers: Oil extends decline to third session ahead of data on ... - Market Watch 1 hour ago

    Oil futures threaten to extend a losing streak to three days, losing ground ahead of official data on U.S. crude inventories.

Need to Know: Citi strategist fears stock-market pullback may emerge i... - Market Watch 1 hour ago

    There might not be an obvious reason for the stock market to pull back -- but maybe there will be multiple reason, says one strategist.

Need to Know: There’s no obvious catalyst for a stock-market pullbac... - Market Watch 2 hours ago

    There might not be an obvious reason for the stock market to pull back -- but maybe there will be multiple reason, says one strategist.

Health News
New breakthrough to help immune systems in the fight against cancer - Eureka Alert 12 hours ago

    (University of Southampton) New research has identified potential treatment that could improve the human immune system's ability to search out and destroy cancer cells within the body. Scientists have identified a way to restrict the activity of a group of cells which regulate the immune system, which in turn can unleash other immune cells to attack tumours in cancer patients.

Among effective antihypertensive drugs, less popular choice is slightl... - Eureka Alert 12 hours ago

    (Columbia University Irving Medical Center) Two drugs commonly used to treat high blood pressure are equally effective as single-drug therapies, but one is slightly safer, a new study has found.

Changes in disparities in access to care, health after Medicare eligib... - Eureka Alert 12 hours ago

    (JAMA Network) What The Study Did: The association between Medicare eligibility at age 65 and changes in racial and ethnic disparities in access to care and self-reported health was evaluated in this study.

Use of high-risk medications among lonely older adults - Eureka Alert 12 hours ago

    (JAMA Network) What The Study Did: Survey data were used to investigate the relationship between loneliness and high-risk medication use in adults older than age 65.

Goal-setting and positive parent-child relationships reduce risk of yo... - Eureka Alert 12 hours ago

    (University of Pittsburgh) Adolescents who set goals for their future and those with strong parental support are less likely to use e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, according to a new survey of nearly 2,500 high school students. The findings suggests that strategies to prevent youth vaping may be different from what works to dissuade youth from smoking cigarettes.

Regional News
Woman arrested in Calloway County after assaulting multiple people - WPSD 7 hours ago

    Click for details...

Former colleagues, friends remember Sam Burrage - WPSD NEW!

    Burrage worked in broadcasting for 35 years, and was a trailblazer in the television news industry when he first entered the scene.

A look at law enforcement pursuit policy following Monday's deadly cra... - WPSD NEW!

    On Monday a pursuit involving the McCracken County Sheriff's department ended with the suspect crashing into an innocent bystander. Both the suspect and the other driver have died because of the crash.

Paducah woman injured in two-vehicle wreck in Graves County - WPSD NEW!

    The crash happened around 7:33 a.m. Tuesday on US 45 at the intersection with East Powell Road.

Section of Coleman Road closed in McCracken County due to semitrailer - WPSD NEW!

    The sheriff's office says a crew is working to remove the semitrailer.

Science News
What's Up - August 2021 - NASA NEW!

    What are some skywatching highlights in August 2021?The best-known meteor shower of the year should be a good time this year on the peak night of Aug. 11, with no bright Moon to interfere. Jupiter and Saturn are at their best all month long. And on Aug. 22, the full moon will be a "seasonal blue moon."Learn more https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/videos/whats-up-august-2021Video Links: YouTube

NASA Model Describes Nearby Star which Resembles Ours in its Youth - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: NASA Model Describes Nearby Star which Resembles Ours in its YouthPortal origin nid: 472970Published: Tuesday, August 3, 2021 - 10:00Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: New research led by NASA provides a closer look at a nearby star thought to resemble our young Sun.Portal image: Animated gif of SOHO's view of the Sun

Developing Tiny Micro-Shutter Arrays to Answer Big Questions - NASA NEW!

    PROJECTNexGen Micro-Shutter Array (NGMSA)SNAPSHOTAdvanced technology micro-shutters enable NASA to study galaxy evolution across cosmic time.Goddard Space Flight Center astrophysicist Matt Greenhouse and lead engineer Mary Li examine a NexGen array prototype containing 282,624 programmable micro-shutters.How did the first stars and galaxies form after the big bang? How did they evolve to produce the chemical elements that we observe in our world today? The answer is encoded in the starlight that is emitted by galaxies. Astronomers use large telescopes in space and on the ground to capture this light in order to extract the information it contains. The sharpest tool in the shed for extracting information from starlight is a technique called spectroscopy. This technique enables scientists to identify the atoms and molecules that produce the light from galaxies, stars, and planets. It also reveals the velocity at which these objects are moving relative to Earth.A team at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center is developing new micro-shutter technology that will enable space telescopes to perform spectroscopy on a large number of objects simultaneously. Spectroscopic measurements of faint astronomical sources typically require very long exposures. The multiplexing capability enabled by micro-shutters is crucial for acquiring spectra on a large sample of objects to yield statistically significant results.In Multi-Object Spectroscopy (MOS), a telescope and camera are used to form an image of the sky on an array of microscopic shutters that can be individually opened or closed by a computer. Shutters under the astronomical sources of interest in the image are commanded to be open, while all others are kept closed. In this way, light from just the sources of interest can be sent into a spectrometer that is designed to measure the spectra from each source without comingling them. Since the pattern of open and closed shutters is programmable, this technique can be applied to any field of stars or galaxies.Developing technologies that enable MOS for use on future space telescope missions is a priority for NASA’s Cosmic Origins Program.Micro-shutter arrays (top) are used to select multiple astronomical targets to enable their spectra to be simultaneously measured (bottom); each micro-shutter is similar in size to a human hair and can be commanded opened or closed to match the position of targets in any astronomical field.The Goddard team’s first-generation micro-shutter technology enabled the James Webb Space Telescope  (JWST) Near Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec),  which will launch later this year. Webb’s micro-shutter technology involved a combination of electrostatic and magnetic actuation systems that resulted in a heavy, complex, mechanical assembly that does not scale to larger formats required by strategic mission concepts that are under study to respond to the 2020 Astrophysics Decadal Survey.The team’s newly developed NexGen Micro-Shutter Array (NGMSA) technology eliminates the need for magnetic actuation, resulting in a shutter array assembly with very low mass, that is scalable to very large formats, and that involves no external mechanical complexity and no potentially life-limiting mechanical components. This major breakthrough has been flight-proven on a small 128 x 64 array of 200 x 100 micron shutter pixels aboard the Far-ultraviolet Off Rowland-Circle for Imaging and Spectroscopy (FORTIS)  sounding rocket.This new micro-shutter technology could be scaled to enable the large-format arrays needed for several mission concepts including the Large UltraViolet Optical InfraRed  surveyor (LUVOIR), the Habitable Exoplanet surveyor  (HabEx) strategic-class missions, and the Cosmic Evolution Through UV Spectroscopy CETUS) probe-class mission, as well as the ongoing FORTIS sounding rocket program. The Goddard team is currently optimizing the NexGen array to maximize its reliability and to ensure the resiliency that is needed to withstand the rigors of spaceflight in support of the above mission concepts.Further information is available at: https://asd.gsfc.nasa.gov/ngmsa/.Goddard micro-shutter array products: (left) the flight-proven FORTIS array; (center) the JWST array; and (right) the current technology array that is under development for NASA’s next strategic astrophysics missions. The large array on the right is ruggedized for spaceflight by a ceramic grid structure shown in the figure at the top of this article, yielding 282,624 operational shutters within the overall 840x420 format.PROJECT LEADDr. Matthew Greenhouse, NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterSPONSORING ORGANIZATIONAstrophysics Division Strategic Astrophysics Technology ProgramRead more Technology HighlightsMaster Image: 

NASA Satellites Help Plan Future for Palau Fish Stocks - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: NASA Satellites Help Plan Future for Palau Fish Stocks Portal origin nid: 472972Published: Monday, August 2, 2021 - 14:38Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: In recent years, populations of rabbit fish and other dietary staples for the people of Palau are dwindling. The country is now building sustainable aquaculture farms in the ocean with help from NASA satellite data.Portal image: Photos of fish and an aquaculture farm in Palau.

NASA Begins Launch Preparations for First Mission to the Trojan Astero... - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: NASA Begins Launch Preparations for First Mission to the Trojan AsteroidsPortal origin nid: 472969Published: Monday, August 2, 2021 - 12:14Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: NASA's first spacecraft to explore the Trojan asteroids arrived Friday, July 30, at the agency's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. It is now in a cleanroom at nearby Astrotech, ready to begin final preparations for its October launch.Portal image: back end of grey plane on runway with large white box being loaded.

Sports News
Skateboarder Zion Wright's journey from 114th in the world to the Olym... - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    Wright's journey to the top of the sport took discipline, a change in lifestyle and a little help from his friends.

George Foreman couldn't convince Derrick Lewis to box, but he's still ... - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    Foreman saw a "machine of destruction" in a young Lewis, but after Lewis' first MMA fight, his career path was set.

Sources: Man City near $139M deal for Grealish - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    Manchester City are looking to seal the signing of Aston Villa's Jack Grealish ahead of Saturday's Community Shield clash, sources have told ESPN.

Barca-Messi deal boosted with La Liga $3.2B sale - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    Barcelona's bid to register Lionel Messi's new contract with LaLiga has been handed a boost after the league announced a cash injection of €2.7bn.

Messi + Ronaldo = Pedri. Spain star plays more than both combined - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    With just one game of a gruelling summer schedule remaining, this will no doubt come as a blessed relief to Spain midfielder Pedri.

Technology News
5 ways Microsoft Edge is better than Chrome - PC World 9 hours ago

    It might be hard to believe, but Microsoft has finally atoned for the sins of Internet Explorer. Last year, the company hit the reboot button on its web browser efforts, launching a new version of Microsoft Edge to replace the one that shipped with Windows 10. This new version is based on the same code as Google’s Chrome browser, so it offers similar performance and works with all the same extensions.Had Microsoft merely cloned Chrome, it wouldn’t deserve much more than a participation trophy in the browser wars. But Edge is more than a mere copycat. Since its launch last year, Microsoft has been piling on all kinds of useful features that Chrome lacks, to the point that I happily use it as my primary browser.To read this article in full, please click here

X-Sense S21 Outdoor Security Camera review: Outstanding quality for a ... - PC World 9 hours ago

    This unassuming video camera is packed with features, including an LED spotlight for color night vision.

Walmart Onn Streaming Stick and Device reviews: Surprisingly great bud... - PC World 9 hours ago

    Review: Walmart's Onn FHD and UHD Streaming devices should make Roku and Amazon sweat

The best pre-built PCs with AMD’s Ryzen 5300G, 5600G, or 5700G APUs - PC World 10 hours ago

    AMD is at last putting its latest generation of Ryzen 5000G APUs in the hands of DIY builders. These processors, with Vega-powered integrated graphics, let you play games without having a discrete GPU--a much-welcome alternative after months of waiting out sky-prices on graphics cards. Of course, they also provide the best performance you can get from a CPU.But perhaps you don’t relish the idea of chasing after yet another component likely to be in high demand. Or maybe you don’t want to deal with building your own PC right now, period. You’re in luck—you don’t need to wait for the August 5th launch of the Ryzen 5 5600G or Ryzen 7 5700G. You can find those two chips, plus the even more affordable Ryzen 3 5300G, in pre-built machines right now.To read this article in full, please click here

Windows 365: Five key differences from Windows Home and Pro - PC World 1 hour ago

    Microsoft released Windows 365 business pricing this week, telling us a little more about what Microsoft’s “PC in the cloud” will cost. Right now, this cloud-based version of Windows is an enterprise product, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that a version of Windows 365 will eventually land in consumer PCs. But what then? Windows 365’s business plans give us some hints.If nothing else, any curious Windows user should be looking at Windows 365 for glimpses of where Microsoft is taking the broad Windows platform and Cloud PCs.Microsoft isn’t afraid to migrate its products to and from the cloud, both for enterprise and consumer users. Exhibit A: Microsoft 365 (once called Microsoft Office) runs on your PC, the Web, and mobile apps. Exhibit B: Microsoft has already made a “Cloud Xbox” accessible to consumers, as part of Xbox cloud gaming.To read this article in full, please click here

US News
Australian Olympians showed 'unacceptable' behavior on flight home - CNN 1 hour ago

    Australian Olympians returning from the Tokyo 2020 games have been criticized over "excessive alcohol consumption" and "loud and disruptive" behavior on their flight home.

Tokyo Olympics live updates: Allyson Felix into 400 final, Sydney McLa... - USA Today 1 hour ago

    Team USA women's basketball moves on to the semis. Sydney McLaughlin edges fellow American Dalilah Muhammad for gold, breaking her own world record.     

Here's how to keep your kids safe from the coronavirus Delta variant - CNN 1 hour ago

    The more contagious Delta variant is spreading fast across the US, but children under 12 cannot get the best protection there is -- a vaccine.

Obama scales back big birthday bash amid Covid worries - CNN 1 hour ago

    Former President Barack Obama has dramatically scaled back his planned 60th birthday party on Martha's Vineyard this weekend due to concerns about the highly transmissible Delta variant of Covid-19, according to a spokeswoman.

Three people killed and eight seriously injured in Czech train crash - CNN 1 hour ago

    Three people died and eight were seriously injured on Wednesday when a Munich-to-Prague express train ran through a stop signal and collided with a local commuter train in the Czech Republic, Czech authorities said.

World News
Mom sold her blood to pay rent. See her reaction to incredible surpris... - CNN 12 hours ago

    Dasha Kelly, a mother of three who was facing eviction, talks to CNN's Erin Burnett about donations and support she received on GoFundMe, including thousands in donations that came in during their interview, that will allow her family to stay in their home.

US SEC chairman: Crypto assets are 'ripe with fraud, scams and abuses'... - CNN NEW!

    The chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission doesn't have a lot of love for cryptocurrencies.

Alibaba seeks to reassure investors as Beijing's crackdown grows - CNN NEW!

    Alibaba is still an online shopping behemoth in China. But the tech titan has been slammed in recent months by Beijing's widening crackdown on private business, stoking concerns about its future.

Delta variant has spiked Covid-19 deaths in Africa by 80% in one month... - CNN 1 hour ago

    Coronavirus deaths in Africa rose rapidly over the past month, as fatalities surged by 80 percent within the last four weeks, the World Health Organization has said.

India to deploy naval task force into South China Sea and beyond - CNN 7 hours ago

    India is sending a task force of four warships into the South China Sea on a two-month deployment that will include exercises with Quad partners the United States, Japan and Australia, India's Defense Ministry announced Monday.

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