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Thursday, December 2nd  

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Humidity:   89%
Dewpoint:   47° F (08° C)

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Most Popular News Headlines
Federal judge blocks Texas law that would have opened doors for right-... - USA Today 7 hours ago

    The decision is a blow to Texas lawmakers who alleged Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube censor right-wing views and former President Donald Trump     

Jan. 6 committee votes to hold former top DOJ official in criminal con... - CNN 9 hours ago

    • Trump 'stoked' crowd on Jan. 6 and should be held accountable, federal judge says

This strip of paper can help prevent a drug overdose - CNN 9 hours ago

    It's a little strip of paper not much longer than 2 inches, and it has the potential to prevent a drug overdose.

Pitcher Marcus Stroman breaks his own news: He's signing with Chicago ... - USA Today 8 hours ago

    Calling Chicago "one of my favorite cities," RHP Marcus Stroman reveals an agreement to join Cubs just hours before MLB lockout is set to take effect.     

Tax Guy: This tax maneuver is one big reason that some real estate inv... - Market Watch 4 hours ago

    Tax-saving Section 1031 exchanges, or 'like-kind' exchanges, may be more valuable than ever, but it might pay to act sooner rather than later.

Entertainment News
Best Shampoo For Colored Hair - EOnline NEW!

    Love the look of fresh color but hate how quickly it fades? Try these shampoos for color-treated hair.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Karl Soderlund, Sally Jessy Raphael’s Husband, Dead at 90 - EOnline NEW!

    Soderlund died from complications due to Alzheimer's disease.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

The Best Diaper Bag That Is Chic and Functional -- LeSportsac, Hersche... - EOnline NEW!

    Shop stylish diaper bags that busy moms won't mind carrying.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

'AGT': Daredevil Annaliese Nock Terrifies Judges With Wheel of Death S... - EOnline NEW!

    'AGT' returned on Tuesday with live shows from Universal Studios Hollywood.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Justin Hartley's Ex-Wife and Daughter Support Him As Chrishell Stause ... - EOnline NEW!

    The actor is getting some support from his ex-wife, Lindsay Hartley, and daughter, Bella.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Financial News
: Apple warns suppliers over iPhone demand: report - Market Watch 1 hour ago

    Stronger demand for Apple phones may not materialize in 2022, Slower holiday sales may not be made up in the new year,

Tax Guy: This tax maneuver is one big reason that some real estate inv... - Market Watch 4 hours ago

    Tax-saving Section 1031 exchanges, or 'like-kind' exchanges, may be more valuable than ever, but it might pay to act sooner rather than later.

Financial Crime: ‘Brazen is probably an understatement’: Georgia i... - Market Watch 4 hours ago

    Prosecutors say Damon Young used contraband cell phones to pose as a rep for AbbVie to buy heavy equipment that he would then sell on Craigslist.

MemeMoney: The blame for Fidelity’s mysterious GameStop oopsie lies ... - Market Watch 6 hours ago

    The explanation is a 'clerical data entry error' at this big fund firm.

The Margin: Airbnb lists ‘Home Alone’ house near Chicago — compl... - Market Watch 6 hours ago

    Booking opens Dec. 7, ya filthy animals.

Health News

Regional News
Airports in southern Illinois receiving hundreds of thousands of dolla... - WPSD NEW!

    Click for details...

SIU students push back against administration in wake of gun violence - WPSD NEW!

    Students at SIU demanded change outside the chancellor's office, protesting the administration's response to gun violence. This, after two students were killed in shooting incidents in recent months.

Memorial walk honors lives lost to AIDS, promotes HIV testing in Paduc... - WPSD NEW!

    Click for details...

Highlighting ways to cope with trauma 24 years after the Heath High Sc... - WPSD NEW!

    The students, who were just kids back then, are now adults, but that doesn't necessarily make it any easier.

Old Fashioned Cigar Bar hosting raffle, collecting gifts for Spirit of... - WPSD NEW!

    The Old Fashioned Cigar Bar in downtown Paducah is showing the game, and turning it into a competition to give back!

Science News
TEMPO Air Pollution Sensor Integrated with Satellite Host - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: TEMPO Air Pollution Sensor Integrated with Satellite HostPortal origin nid: 475690Published: Wednesday, December 1, 2021 - 13:33Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: An air quality sensor that will dramatically improve the way scientists measure air pollution over North America has been joined with its satellite host.Portal image: The TEMPO payload rests atop the IS-40e spacecraft.

NASA TV to Air IXPE Prelaunch Activities, Launch - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: NASA TV to Air IXPE Prelaunch Activities, LaunchPortal origin nid: 475663Published: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - 15:24Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: NASA will provide coverage of the upcoming prelaunch and launch activities for the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) mission, the first satellite dedicated to measuring the polarization of X-rays from a variety of cosmic sources, such as black holes and neutron stars.Portal image: NASA’s Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) mission is the first satellite dedicated to measuring the polarization of X-rays from a variety of cosmic sources, such as black holes and neutron stars.

Artemis I - NASA NEW!

    Artemis I Launch Learn More

Are Water Plumes Spraying from Europa? NASA’s Europa Clipper is on t... - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: Are Water Plumes Spraying from Europa? NASA’s Europa Clipper is on the CasePortal origin nid: 475450Published: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - 11:00Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: NASA's Europa Clipper scientists are devising a variety of creative strategies to find active plumes when the spacecraft arrives at this moon of Jupiter in 2030, though they’re not relying on plumes to understand what’s going on inside Europa.Portal image: View of Europa from three different NASA missions.

SMARTIE Computer Tiles Could Provide Satellites with Advanced Data Pro... - NASA NEW!

    PROJECTStacked Miniaturized and Radiation Tolerant Intelligent Electronics (SMARTIE)SNAPSHOTUsing a grant from NASA’s Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO), a team of researchers are working on a novel computer-tile technology that could help space-based remote sensors process data more efficiently.Three CubeSats dispatched from the Japanese Small Satellite Orbital Deployer onboard the International Space Station (ISS). Computer tiles like SMARTIE could help small satellites and other space-based remote sensors process data more efficiently. Image Credit: NASA/ISSThe smartphone in your pocket packs more computing power than all of NASA had at its disposal when it first sent humans to the moon. But many spacecraft still rely on outdated computers to process immense amounts of complex data.“Software for processing data more efficiently can only be as revolutionary as the hardware hosting it. To improve data processing, that computing hardware must also keep pace,” said James Yamaguchi, Vice President of 3D Electronics and Mass Storage at Irvine Sensors Corporation.With funding from NASA’s Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO), Yamaguchi is working with a team of scientists to create a novel computer technology that would allow space-based remote sensors to process data faster and more reliably. The technology, Stacked Miniaturized and Radiation Tolerant Intelligent Electronics (SMARTIE), uses advanced packaging to integrate three high-performance computer tiles into a folded-flex module with over 300 Gigaflops of computing power and 15 Theoretical Operations Per Second (TOPS) of artificial intelligence (AI) performance. In addition to increasing the speed at which an instrument could process data, SMARTIE’s stacked computer tiles would also help shield computers from interference caused by radiation in space. Perhaps most importantly, SMARTIE would bring these benefits to instruments while consuming less than 10 watts of power – less energy than the average lightbulb. That means satellites equipped with SMARTIE would be much lighter and more cost-efficient than satellites that require numerous heavy batteries to power their instruments. While still in the very early stages of development, SMARTIE could eventually disrupt satellite applications across the spectrum, from Earth observation instruments to planetary exploration instruments built to study distant planets and stars.“SMARTIE would have endless applications. It could provide autonomy to single satellites or satellite constellations using AI, enable distributed sensors where parts of the instrument are set in different spacecraft, and perform complex operations usually done on the ground to reduce data throughput.” said Yamaguchi.Powerful computers that digest data quickly use teams of processors to perform multiple calculations at the same time. But processors require space and energy, two things in short supply onboard satellites tailored for maximum efficiency.Hurricane Florence makes landfall near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. SMARTIE would be useful for a wide variety of missions, such as studying the relationship between ice crystals in high-altitude clouds and severe weather events. Image credit: NASA/ISS“We’re talking about satellites that are tens of centimeters in size. We may be able to outfit those satellites with computers strong enough to process data in-situ, but that data processing capability often takes up resources that could be used to support a stronger instrument array,” said Yamaguchi.In addition, while Earth’s atmosphere shields computers on its surface from most cosmic radiation, computers in space don’t have that same protection. A particularly powerful burst of radiation could impact a computer’s ability to process data accurately or even destroy it completely.“If that happens, and the satellite can no longer process or relay data, then you’re flying a very expensive brick. Even computers small enough to fit practically onboard compact satellites and powerful enough to process data in-situ may still be too vulnerable to radiation for use in space,” said Yamaguchi.SMARTIE would solve these problems by distributing readily available computer components across a compact, flexible architecture, which would then fold into a single package only 16 mm long, 22 mm wide, and 6 mm high. These components would include an off-the-shelf multi-core processor, a graphics processing unit (GPU), and non-volatile Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) memory units, with a system controller providing adaptive redundancy to ensure gathered data isn’t lost if the system suddenly loses power.“These are standard pieces of computer hardware, but when we bring them together within this folded structure, we create a system that consumes less energy, takes up less space, helps insulate SMARTIE from radiation, and even makes it less likely that radiation will even collide with SMARTIE in the first place,” said Yamaguchi.A wide variety of scientific missions dedicated to gathering data with space-based remote sensors would benefit from a computer like SMARTIE. In particular, researchers developing SMart Ice Cloud Sensing (SMICES) an instrument that would help improve climate and weather models – are interested in using the technology to support their goal of measuring ice crystals in high-altitude clouds.“The ice crystals we want to measure are best characterized using radar within the 239 GHz range, but that requires a pretty energy intensive radar apparatus. We want to run advanced AI algorithms that would only turn on the radar when necessary. For a program that complicated, we’ll need to use something as powerful and compact as SMARTIE,” said William Deal, Principal Investigator (PI) for SMICES.ESTO leverages NASA resources to help researchers in academia and industry transform promising technology concepts into field-ready products. Both SMARTIE and SMICES receive ESTO support; SMARTIE from ESTO’s Advanced Component Technology (ACT) program and SMICES from ESTO’s Instrumentation Incubator Program (IIP).“Advancing technologies that will help us learn more about Earth systems means empowering researchers to develop a full suite of tools, from information systems to components to fully-functioning instruments. Our programs collaborate to make sure our PIs have access to the latest science related to their projects,” said Amber Emory, ESTO’s ACT Program Manager.Yamaguchi is excited to see other scientists explore the possibility of incorporating SMARTIE into their instruments. Enabling researchers to accomplish their scientific objectives is, after all, what motivates his team to develop this novel component.“We have to support one another. Every incremental step forward lays the foundation for future groundbreaking discoveries, and we hope SMARTIE will eventually become a cornerstone of that foundation,” said Yamaguchi.PROJECT LEADJames Yamaguchi, Irvine Sensors CorporationSPONSORING ORGANIZATIONNASA ESTO’s Advanced Component Technology (ACT) programRead more Technology HighlightsMaster Image: 

Sports News
RSL’s David Ochoa is the ‘PERFECT’ villain for the M... - FOX Sports 4 hours ago

    Alexi Lalas and David Mosse break down why Real Salt Lake's David Ochoa is the perfect villian for the MLS playoffs.

Caleb Love drops 22-points as UNC runs away with the victory over Mich... - FOX Sports 5 hours ago

    The North Carolina Tar Heels blew out the Michigan Wolverines thanks to Caleb Love's 22 points.

Providence comes back to defeat Texas Tech, 72-68 - FOX Sports 5 hours ago

    The Providence Friars stormed back to defeat the Texas Tech Red Raiders, 72-68, behind Al Durham's 23 points.

Al Durham's 23 points lead Providence to 72-68 victory - FOX Sports 5 hours ago

    Al Durham's 23 points led the Providence Friars to a 72-68 victory. Durham was 12-of-13 from the free throw line.

RJ Young: Congrats Notre Dame, Marcus Freeman is the best man to lead ... - FOX Sports 7 hours ago

    RJ Young reacts to Marcus Freeman accepting the HC position at Notre Dame to replace Brian Kelly. "Congratulations to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans. This is awesome and outstanding for you."

Technology News
Twitter to remove images of people posted without consent - CNN NEW!

    Twitter has updated its privacy policy so that it can remove images of people that have been posted without their consent, the company said in a blog post Tuesday.

Elizabeth Holmes testifies she reached out to Rupert Murdoch to try to... - CNN NEW!

    When Elizabeth Holmes got wind that then-Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou was working on a damning expose that would publish in October 2015 about her blood testing startup Theranos, she went straight to the top in an effort to get the story killed.

Google bans political ads ahead of elections in the Philippines - CNN NEW!

    Google will ban political advertising on its platforms in the Philippines as the country prepares for elections in May.

Meet the new CEO of Twitter - CNN NEW!

    Parag Agrawal isn't a household name, but he could soon become one as he takes the lead at one of the world's most influential social media companies.

Hospital Services Performed Overseas - Washington Post NEW!

    A movement toward greater use of telemedicine is widening the spectrum of care doctors can provide from afar and enabling more outsourcing of services overseas.-The Washington Post

US News
World-famous nature photographers join forces to protect the environme... - CNN 1 hour ago

    The final moments before the death of the last male northern white rhino, a 66-year-old elephant swimming in the ocean, and renowned primatologist Jane Goodall searching for chimpanzees in Tanzania in the early 1960s; these are all moments captured in a collection of powerful photographs that have been donated to raise funds for conservation projects.

US joins growing list of nations with confirmed Omicron cases - CNN 3 hours ago

    • TV personality who pushed fabricated Covid claims running for Senate• Dr. Fauci tackles Omicron questions at CNN Town Hall

Waukesha Christmas parade suspect: I'm being treated like a 'monster' - USA Today 3 hours ago

    In an interview with FOX News, Waukesha Christmas parade suspect Darrell Brooks Jr., says he is being treated like a "monster."     

MLB lockout begins as players and owners fail to reach new agreement - CNN 4 hours ago

    The collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the players' union expired at 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, leading to the first official work stoppage in professional baseball since the 1994-95 seasons.

MLB lockout begins as players and owners fail to reach a new bargainin... - CNN 4 hours ago

    The collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the players' union expired at 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, leading to the first official work stoppage in professional baseball since the 1994-95 seasons.

World News
Women's tennis suspends all tournaments in China over concern for Peng... - CNN 1 hour ago

    The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) chairman and CEO Steve Simon has announced an immediate suspension of all WTA tournaments in China, including Hong Kong.

India formally repeals controversial farm laws after year of protests - CNN 4 hours ago

    India has formally repealed three contentious farm laws that sparked more than a year of protests, nearly two weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi was pushed into a rare policy reversal that saw the legislation withdrawn.

Harris condemns Russian test of anti-satellite weapon at Biden adminis... - CNN NEW!

    Leaders from all corners of the US government condemned Russia's recent test of an anti-satellite weapon on Wednesday at the inaugural meeting of the National Space Council under the Biden administration, calling for accelerating the development of rules and norms in space.

Ethiopia says it recaptured UN World Heritage site - CNN NEW!

    Ethiopian government forces and their regional allies have recaptured the town of Lalibela -- a United Nations World Heritage Site -- from Tigrayan forces, the prime minister's office said on Wednesday.

Here's how Omicron could make the supply chain mess worse - CNN NEW!

    Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is concerned the Omicron coronavirus variant will exacerbate pressure on the already stressed-out global supply chain.

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