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Saturday, April 20th  


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    Most Popular News Headlines
    Man accused of assaulting deputy, stealing cruiser during chase convic... - WPSD 2 hours ago

        A man accused of stealing and crashing one car and then a McCracken County Sheriff’s Department patrol car — as well as assaulting the deputy who stopped to help him after the first crash — has been convicted in one of the counties that have charged him in the incident. 

    Attorney for Marshall County school shooting suspect asks court to del... - WPSD NEW!

        The attorney representing the Marshall County High School shooting suspect in two lawsuits is asking to delay those suits.

    Body of missing Ohio teen found in shallow grave near farm - Fox News 1 hour ago

        The search for an Ohio teen that was last seen on a friend’s farm almost a week ago came to an end Friday after police uncovered the boy’s body in a shallow grave.

    Former McCracken superintendent spent almost $95K without approval - WPSD NEW!

        Just under $95,000 of tax money was spent without permission in the McCracken County School District.

    Mississippi raises high-stakes reading bar for third graders - Fox News NEW!

        More than 35,000 Mississippi third graders sat down in front of computer this week to take reading tests, facing a state mandate to "level up" or not advance to fourth grade.

    Entertainment News
    NFL's Danny Amendola lashes out at ex Olivia Culpo after reports of he... - Fox News NEW!

        Detroit Lions wide receiver Danny Amendola slammed ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo in a lengthy Instagram post Friday following reports that the former Miss Universe was cuddling up to Russian-German DJ Zed at Coachella.

    Adele and husband, Simon Konecki, have separated: report - Fox News 1 hour ago

        Adele and her husband Simon Konecki have split after seven years together.

    Roman Polanski asks court to reinstate his film academy membership - Fox News 2 hours ago

        Roman Polanski asked a judge Friday to restore his membership in the organization that bestows the Academy Awards nearly a year after he was expelled from it for sexual misconduct.

    Seagram's heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty to conspiracy charges i... - Fox News NEW!

        Seagram's liquor heiress Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty on Friday in a widely publicized case accusing a cult-like upstate New York group of creating a secret harem of sex slaves for the group's self-anointed spiritual leader.

    Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty to conspiracy charges in ... - Fox News NEW!

        Seagram's liquor heiress Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty on Friday in a widely publicized case accusing a cult-like upstate New York group of creating a secret harem of sex slaves for the group's self-anointed spiritual leader.

    Financial News
    'Death Tax' Divide - Washington Post NEW!

        With the House having again approved permanent repeal of the estate tax, the issue now moves to the Senate, where, although Republicans are in the majority, enthusiasm for wiping out what conservatives like to call the "death tax" is considerably more muted.

    Commuter Consumer - Washington Post NEW!

        The daily ride has given rise to audio books, the travel mug and a 7-Eleven Inc. trademark, Dashboard Dining. The national motto has become grab and go, and legions of businesses work feverishly to fill a near-sacred space: the cup holder.

    MCI Calls Qwest's Bid 'Superior' to Verizon's - Washington Post NEW!

        MCI Inc.'s board of directors embraced a cash-rich offer from Qwest Communications International Inc. after months of saying the company was a financially weaker and strategically less desirable merger partner than Verizon Communications Inc.-The Washington Post

    Investor Beware: The Con Is On - Washington Post NEW!

        It's the season to scam. I think I've used the phrase "low-life bum" more than I care to as I've read story after story this past year of investors being ripped off in new and old scams.

    Health News
    Marijuana users weigh less, defying the munchies - Eureka Alert 2 hours ago

        (Michigan State University) New evidence from Michigan State University suggests that those who smoke cannabis, or marijuana, weigh less compared to adults who don't. The findings, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, are contrary to the belief that marijuana users who have a serious case of the munchies will ultimately gain more weight.

    Pharmacy closures associated with declines in cardiovascular medicatio... - Eureka Alert 2 hours ago

        (JAMA Network) How pharmacy closures are associated with declines in cardiovascular medication adherence for statins, β-blockers and oral anticoagulants among adults 50 or older was the focus of this analysis of prescription claims.

    Decoding cellular signals linked to hypospadias - Eureka Alert 2 hours ago

        (Children's National Health System) Daniel Casella, M.D., a urologist at Children's National, was honored with an AUA Mid-Atlantic Section William D. Steers, M.D. Award, which provides two years of dedicated research funding that he will use to better understand the genetic causes for hypospadias.

    On-chip drug screening for identifying antibiotic interactions in eigh... - Eureka Alert 2 hours ago

        (The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)) A KAIST research team developed a microfluidic-based drug screening chip that identifies synergistic interactions between two antibiotics in eight hours. This chip can be a cell-based drug screening platform for exploring critical pharmacological patterns of antibiotic interactions, along with potential applications in screening other cell-type agents and guidance for clinical therapies.

    Light, physical activity reduces brain aging - Eureka Alert 2 hours ago

        (Boston University School of Medicine) Incremental physical activity, even at light intensity, is associated with larger brain volume and healthy brain aging.

    Regional News
    Fake reviews still plague Amazon - WPSD NEW!

        Don't put too much into the Amazon review before deciding which gadget to buy. Fake reviews plague Amazon.com. Still.

    Storms in South kill girl in Florida, bring tornadoes in multiple stat... - WPSD NEW!

        A strong storm system barreling through the South on Friday killed an 8-year-old girl in Florida and brought the threat of tornadoes to large parts of the Carolinas and southern Virginia.

    Republican candidates for statewide offices talk platforms in Paducah - WPSD NEW!

        Republican candidates for Kentucky's top statewide positions — including governor and lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, auditor, treasurer and agriculture commissioner — gathered in Paducah to talk about their priorities ahead of the primary election next month.

    5-year-old boy thrown off Mall of America balcony showing ‘real sign... - WPSD NEW!

        The 5-year-old boy who was thrown off a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America is showing "real signs of recovery," according to a post on behalf of the family.

    Attorney for Marshall County school shooting suspect asks court to del... - WPSD NEW!

        The attorney representing the Marshall County High School shooting suspect in two lawsuits is asking to delay those suits.

    Science News
    High performance solid-state sodium-ion battery - Science Daily NEW!

        Solid-state sodium-ion batteries are far safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries, which pose a risk of fire and explosions, but their performance has been too weak to offset the safety advantages. Researchers have now reported developing an organic cathode that dramatically improves both stability and energy density.

    Thermodynamic magic enables cooling without energy consumption - Science Daily NEW!

        Physicists have developed an amazingly simple device that allows heat to flow temporarily from a cold to a warm object without an external power supply. Intriguingly, the process initially appears to contradict the fundamental laws of physics.

    Continuing impacts of Deepwater Horizon oil spill - Science Daily NEW!

        Nine years ago tomorrow -- April 20, 2010 -- crude oil began leaking from the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig into the Gulf of Mexico in what turned out to be the largest marine oil spill in history. A long-term study suggests the oil is still affecting the salt marshes of the Gulf Coast, and reveals the key role that marsh grasses play in the overall recovery of these important coastal wetlands.

    A universal framework combining genome annotation and undergraduate ed... - Science Daily NEW!

        Scientists and educators have developed a framework for using new genome sequences as a training resource for undergraduates interested in learning genome annotation. This strategy will both make the process of determining gene functions more efficient and help train the next generation of scientists in bioinformatics.

    Warming: Plants are also stressed out - Science Daily NEW!

        What will a three-degree-warmer world look like? When experiencing stress or damage from various sources, plants use chloroplast-to-nucleus communication to regulate gene expression and help them cope. Now, researchers have found that GUN1 -- a gene that integrates numerous chloroplast-to-nucleus retrograde signaling pathways -- also plays an important role in how proteins are made in damaged chloroplasts, which provides a new insight into how plants respond to stress.

    Sports News
    WATCH: Derek Dietrich belts a game-winning home run in extra innings a... - FOX Sports NEW!

        Dietrich hit the game-winning home run

    Avalanche finish off Flames in Game 5, advance to 2nd round - FOX Sports NEW!

        NHL Playoff Capsules

    Drew Smyly strikes out eight, Rangers lose 7-2 - FOX Sports NEW!

        Texas didn't get a runner to second base until the fifth inning.

    Reds skipper David Bell on extra-innings win in San Diegoe - FOX Sports NEW!

        Bell recaps Reds win

    Anthony Desclafani has a funny theory about the Reds extra-innings win... - FOX Sports NEW!

        Disco pitched well against the Padres

    Technology News
    This week in games: Lego Star Wars returns, Ubisoft gives away Assassi... - PC World NEW!

        I’ve said for years that Assassin’s Creed is more impressive for its art nowadays than the games themselves, but still, who would’ve guessed that one day Assassin’s Creed would be used to restore a priceless piece of architectural history?That news, plus a new Lego Star Wars, an Old Republic expansion and potential film adaptation, details for Netflix’s Witcher series, a remake of cult classic shooter XIII, and more.This is gaming news for April 15 to 19.Digital artifactsThis week’s first freebie is a big one, relatively speaking. You probably heard that Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris caught on fire this week. In the wake of that fire you maybe remembered that one Ubisoft designer spent two years of her life creating the Notre Dame model for Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Turns out that Notre Dame model might now be used in reverse, helping guide restoration efforts on the actual church. As some sort of weird (but nice) gesture, Ubisoft is now giving away copies of Unity through April 25.To read this article in full, please click here

    Best Buy is selling a 10TB WD external drive for an insane $160 today - PC World NEW!

        External hard drives have been steadily dropping for months, but this deal is one of the best we've ever seen: Best Buy is selling a 10TB WD Easystore hard drive for just $160Remove non-product link, down from a list price of $300 and just $0.016 cents a gig.To read this article in full, please click here

    The latest Windows patch is breaking even more PCs with antivirus inst... - PC World NEW!

        The last major Windows update broke some systems with particular antivirus software installed, and it’s seemingly getting worse.Earlier this week we reported that Microsoft halted updates to Windows PCs running Sophos and Avast’s security solutions, following user complaints that their machines were locking up or failing to boot. Since then, the list of known issues for the rogue update was itself updated to acknowledge compatibility issues with Avira and ArcaBit antivirus installed, with Microsoft temporarily blocking updates to those affected systems, too. Today, Ars Technica noticed that Microsoft is investigating compatibility issues for systems with McAfee antivirus installed, though it hasn’t started blocking the April 9 update from those PCs just yet.To read this article in full, please click here

    Acer CEO Jason Chen explains why his PCs are going niche - PC World NEW!

        Acer CEO Jason Chen thinks his company can get bigger if it thinks small. As the fourth- or fifth-largest PC vendor worldwide by shipments (per IDC and Gartner numbers, respectively), Acer already sells plenty of what it calls “value” PCs—commodity systems that offer good specs for the price. It’s thriving in the gaming and education markets, too, where performance and sturdiness matter.Compared to PC juggernauts Dell, HP, and Lenovo, however, Acer still has a long way to go. So the company’s next move is to pursue what Chen calls “microtrends,” courting users whose numbers might be too small—or their needs a little too niche—to draw much attention from bigger players. Acer sees an opportunity to shine by providing a more curated PC experience—a completely different strategy from its approach to mainstream PCs.To read this article in full, please click here

    Dude, this 24-inch Dell monitor is down to $110 today—and you get a ... - PC World NEW!

        It would be great if we all could afford 4K G-Sync monitors, but sadly that's not the case. So if you're looking for a fantastic deal on a much more basic display, Dell is selling a 24-inch 1080p monitor for $110Remove non-product link, a near-50-percent savings from its $200 MSRP. And to sweeten the deal, Dell will throw in a $50 gift card, effectively bringing the price down to $60.To read this article in full, please click here

    US News
    Denver airport's $14.5M taxpayer-funded sign busted after less than 2 ... - Fox News NEW!

        Denver International Airport built a wall of sorts -- a 1,000-foot-long collection of illuminated poles interrupted by large television screens for displaying ads -- but now the wall doesn't work right.

    20 years after school attack, Columbine remembers 13 lost - Fox News NEW!

        A Colorado community is marking the 20th anniversary of the attack on Columbine High School that killed 13 people and injured 24 others with community service projects and a remembrance ceremony.

    NBA playoffs: Celtics in control, Raptors regain edge - USA Today NEW!

        SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports' Jeff Zillgitt breaks down how the Celtics and Raptors were able to win in Game 3 and what they have to do next.       

    Dietrich's HR lifts Reds over Padres in 11 innings - USA Today NEW!

        Derek Dietrich hit a two-run homer in the 11th inning to lift the Cincinnati Reds over the San Diego Padres 3-2       

    Body of missing Ohio teen found in shallow grave near farm - Fox News 1 hour ago

        The search for an Ohio teen that was last seen on a friend’s farm almost a week ago came to an end Friday after police uncovered the boy’s body in a shallow grave.

    World News
    Egyptians vote on referendum extending el-Sissi's rule - Fox News NEW!

        Egyptians are being asked to vote on constitutional amendments that would allow President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to stay in power until 2030.

    Peruvian judge orders jail for former president Kuczynski - Fox News NEW!

        A Peruvian judge has ordered that former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski be jailed for up to three years as authorities investigate his alleged involvement in a corruption case.

    Northern Ireland police release video in hunt for killer - Fox News NEW!

        Police in Northern Ireland searched for multiple suspects Friday after the fatal shooting of a journalist during rioting in Londonderry and sought help from the public to get "a killer off the streets" and into custody.

    Cartel member leads Mexican authorities to secret mass grave - Fox News NEW!

        A tip from a cartel member led Mexican police to a secret site containing more than 30 graves in the state of Veracruz.Each grave may contain several people.

    Congo court annuls sentence for exiled opposition leader - Fox News NEW!

        A lawyer for Congo opposition leader Moise Katumbi says a court has annulled his three-year prison sentence, enabling him to return from exile in Belgium.

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