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Saturday, January 18th  

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    Most Popular News Headlines
    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry won’t have 'protections' in US as they d... - Fox 8 hours ago

        Meghan Markle has several ties to Los Angeles.

    A 14-year-old girl was kidnapped and used Snapchat to alert her friend... - CNN 5 hours ago

        A 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped in Northern California used Snapchat to share her location with her friends, who then called 911, police said.

    Opinion: Trump's circus of defense lawyers - CNN 8 hours ago

        Before today, I didn't think it was possible to feel sorry for White House Counsel Pat Cipollone. Remember he's quarterbacked the unprecedented stonewalling of the Congressional impeachment process by refusing to turn over documents despite legitimate subpoenas. He has enforced the President's edict to deny Congress witnesses, again despite congressional subpoenas.

    Anti-abortion group announces $52 million budget to reelect Trump and ... - CNN 7 hours ago

        A major anti-abortion group announced on Friday a $52 million budget in battleground states to reelect President Donald Trump and an anti-abortion Senate majority in 2020.

    Analysis: Republicans trying to ignore the many things we've learned s... - CNN 5 hours ago

        The big news closing the week was the unveiling of President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team and the release of more documents related to Lev Parnas, the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani. And we'll have more on that in a moment.

    Entertainment News
    Joely Richardson says she had ‘no idea’ Nicolas Cage ‘had this h... - Fox NEW!

        Joely Richardson wouldn’t face an evil alien force without the help of Nicolas Cage.

    Maher says Bidens will become the 'bigger scandal' if they testify, Le... - Fox 2 hours ago

        "Real Time" host Bill Maher returned Friday night after a holiday break and weighed in on potential witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, including the possibility of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden being brought in to testify -- as well as Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas.

    Maher rips Warren for playing 'woman card' against Sanders to 'save he... - Fox 3 hours ago

        "Real Time" host Bill Maher on Friday night accused Elizabeth Warren of playing the "woman card" against Bernie Sanders during Tuesday's presidential debate in Iowa, suggesting it was a ploy designed to help the Massachusetts Democrat "save her campaign."

    Pelosi gleefully reminds Trump he's 'impeached forever' during appeara... - Fox 4 hours ago

        Not much seemed solemn or prayerful about Nancy Pelosi's appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher" on Friday night.

    Charlie Hunnam would ‘star opposite’ Meghan Markle if the roles we... - Fox 7 hours ago

        If Meghan Markle ever decides to return to acting, she might already have a co-star. 

    Financial News
    'Death Tax' Divide - Washington Post NEW!

        With the House having again approved permanent repeal of the estate tax, the issue now moves to the Senate, where, although Republicans are in the majority, enthusiasm for wiping out what conservatives like to call the "death tax" is considerably more muted.

    Investor Beware: The Con Is On - Washington Post NEW!

        It's the season to scam. I think I've used the phrase "low-life bum" more than I care to as I've read story after story this past year of investors being ripped off in new and old scams.

    Commuter Consumer - Washington Post NEW!

        The daily ride has given rise to audio books, the travel mug and a 7-Eleven Inc. trademark, Dashboard Dining. The national motto has become grab and go, and legions of businesses work feverishly to fill a near-sacred space: the cup holder.

    MCI Calls Qwest's Bid 'Superior' to Verizon's - Washington Post NEW!

        MCI Inc.'s board of directors embraced a cash-rich offer from Qwest Communications International Inc. after months of saying the company was a financially weaker and strategically less desirable merger partner than Verizon Communications Inc.-The Washington Post

    Health News
    Long term risks cast further doubt on the use of Viagra for foetal the... - Eureka Alert 10 hours ago

        (University of Manchester) University of Manchester scientists investigating a possible treatment for foetal growth restriction (FGR), a condition in which babies grow poorly in the womb, have urged further caution on the use of Viagra.The drug, commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction, as it enhances blood flow - has been undergoing trials as a potential treatment for FGR. However, in a recent study in mice, Viagra showed no improvement in foetal growth but did result in high blood pressure in the pups as they reached maturity.

    New tumor-driving mutations discovered in the under-explored regions o... - Eureka Alert 10 hours ago

        (Ontario Institute for Cancer Research) In an unprecedented pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes, researchers at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) have discovered new regions of non-coding DNA that, when altered, may lead to cancer growth and progression.

    Scurvy is still a thing in Canada - Eureka Alert 10 hours ago

        (McMaster University) McMaster University researchers surveyed the data of patients of Hamilton's two hospital systems over nine years and found 52 with low Vitamin C levels. This included 13 patients who could be diagnosed as having scurvy, and an additional 39 who tested positive for scurvy but did not have documented symptoms.

    Male sparrows are less intimidated by the songs of aging rivals - Eureka Alert 10 hours ago

        (Duke University) Few singers reach their sunset years with the same voice they had in younger days. Songbirds are no different. New research reveals that elderly swamp sparrows don't sound quite like they used to -- nor do they strike the same fear in other males who may be listening in. Humans are remarkably good at guessing a person's age by their voice. But this is the first time the phenomenon has been demonstrated in wild animals.

    Media alert: The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) 2020 - Eureka Alert 10 hours ago

        (Genetics Society of America) Reporters are invited to attend The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC), to be held April 22-26, 2020 in National Harbor, Maryland, just 30 minutes from downtown Washington DC. TAGC 2020 will feature the latest discoveries from researchers at the leading edge of what is possible in the biological and biomedical sciences.

    Regional News
    Former Graves County jailer pleads guilty in Taser case - WPSD NEW!

        A former jailer in west Kentucky accused of using a Taser to intentionally injure an inmate entered a guilty plea on Friday.

    Nearly $430,000 in uncollected property taxes going back to McCracken ... - WPSD NEW!

        Nearly $430,000 of taxpayers dollars will go back to the communities they fund in McCracken County. Dozens of un-taxed property was discovered in McCracken County after Property Valuation Administrator Bill Dunn uncovered mismanagement by his predecessor.

    City leaders continue to talk about funding for the Aquatic Center - WPSD NEW!

        Paducah city leaders talk about the future and funding of the aquatic center.

    Where Paducah city leaders and candidates stand on the Aquatic Center - WPSD NEW!

        Here is a look at where each Paducah elected official and candidate stands on the aquatic center.

    Kentucky Outdoor Life/Field and Stream Expo makes its way to Paducah - WPSD NEW!

        The Kentucky Outdoor Life/Field and Stream Expo has made its way to west Kentucky. It is being held at the Paducah Convention Center for the first time.

    Science News
    Ingestible medical devices can be broken down with light - Science Daily NEW!

        Engineers have developed a light-sensitive material that allows gastrointestinal devices to be triggered to break down inside the body when they are exposed to light from an ingestible LED.

    Walking with atoms: Chemical bond making and breaking recorded in acti... - Science Daily NEW!

        Scientists have for the first time captured and filmed atoms bonding together, using advanced microscopy methods they captured a moment that is around half a million times smaller than the width of a human hair.

    What is an endangered species? - Science Daily NEW!

        What makes for an endangered species classification isn't always obvious.

    Human fetal lungs harbor a microbiome signature - Science Daily NEW!

        The lungs and placentas of fetuses in the womb -- as young as 11 weeks after conception -- already show a bacterial microbiome signature, which suggests that bacteria may colonize the lungs well before birth. This first-time finding deepens the mystery of how the microbes or microbial products reach those organs before birth and what role they play in normal lung and immune system development.

    Chemists allow boron atoms to migrate - Science Daily NEW!

        Organic molecules with atoms of the semi-metal boron are important building blocks for synthesis products to produce drugs and agricultural chemicals. However, the conversion of substances commonly used in industry often results in the loss of the valuable boron unit, which can replace another atom in a molecule. Chemists now introduce carbon-carbon couplings in which the boron atom is retained.

    Sports News
    Top-ranked Barty wins 1st title at home ahead of Aussie Open - FOX Sports 2 hours ago

        Top-ranked Barty wins 1st title at home ahead of Aussie Open

    Friday Sports in Brief - FOX Sports 2 hours ago

        Friday Sports in Brief

    Canadian network kicks off 6 NHL broadcasts in Plains Cree - FOX Sports 2 hours ago

        The Canadian network APTN is kicking off the first of six NHL games that will be broadcast in the Plains Cree language

    DeRozan and San Antonio take on Miami in non-conference play - FOX Sports 2 hours ago

        The San Antonio Spurs host the Miami Heat in out-of-conference play

    Detroit faces Florida on 3-game losing streak - FOX Sports 2 hours ago

        Detroit is looking to end its three-game skid with a win against Florida

    Technology News
    Best antivirus: Keep your Windows PC safe from spyware, Trojans, malwa... - PC World NEW!

        Antivirus software is nearly as crucial as a PC’s operating system. Even if you’re well aware of potential threats and practice extreme caution, some threats just can’t be prevented without the extra help of an AV program—or a full antivirus suite. You could, for example, visit a website that unintentionally displays malicious ads. Or accidentally click on a phishing email (it happens!). Or get stung by a zero-day threat, where an undisclosed bug in Windows, your browser, or an installed program gives hackers entry to your system.We’re not suggesting that PC security software is fool-proof. Antivirus software often can’t do much to stop zero-day exploits, for example. But it can detect when the undisclosed vulnerability is used to install other nasty bits, like ransomware, on your machine. Anyone who actively uses email, clicks on links, and downloads programs will benefit from an antivirus suite.To read this article in full, please click here

    Best gaming mouse: Find your perfect match - PC World NEW!

        The mouse is a simple tool: point and click. That’s it. But if you’re a PC gamer, you know that pushing virtual paper around on your desktop isn’t the same as fragging bots and shooting zombies. (Not even remotely.) What’s more, picking the right gaming mouse is an intensely personal decision. Every little detail—its overall shape and size, the shape and placement its buttons, its cable (or lack thereof), its weight, its materials—can change how you feel about it. More than any other peripheral, a mouse is the hardest to recommend, because there is no objectively perfect mouse. Everyone’s hands are different.That said, we can guide you on your search. Below are our recommendations for gaming mice, built on years of experience first and foremost as gamers, and second as writers here at PCWorld. To read this article in full, please click here

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security review: Good protection in need of an overh... - PC World 1 hour ago

        The more things change, the more they stay the same, the saying goes. That couldn’t be more true for our review candidate today, Check Point’s ZoneAlarm Extreme Security. We reviewed this software nearly six years ago, and in that time the Windows interface has not changed.Sure, some features have disappeared and others have taken their place, but overall it’s the same program with the same dated interface. That’s set to change, however. A Check Point spokesperson told us the company is planning a major interface and user experience overhaul for 2020.Note: This review is part of our best antivirus roundup. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.When you start ZoneAlarm Extreme Security the first thing you’ll notice is that it looks a little fuzzy. It appears Check Point didn’t update its app for high-resolution displays. We tested ZoneAlarm Extreme Security on a laptop with a 1080p display, and found that the menu items and tiles were noticeably lacking in sharpness.To read this article in full, please click here

    Google wants to bring Steam to Chromebooks - PC World 3 hours ago

        Chromebook fans have been able to get their game on ever since Google Stadia launched in November, but a new report from Android Police claims that more might be on the way. According to an interview with Kan Liu, Director of Product Management for Chrome OS, Google is working toward bringing Steam support to Chromebooks, too.Granted, this is Google we’re talking about, so it’s not all that surprising that they’re working on major features that may or may not get released. But taken at face value, this is a particularly interesting tidbit. It’s unclear whether Google is working in direct conjunction with Valve or if Steam support would even launch as an official feature, but Liu suggested Google is definitely serious about the project.To read this article in full, please click here

    Elder Scrolls Online's Skyrim-themed ‘Greymoor’ expansion is a mis... - PC World 4 hours ago

        I had a feeling it wouldn’t be too long before The Elder Scrolls Online played its Skyrim card, particularly since the last two expansions were set in places we never saw in the most popular mainline Elder Scrolls games. And sure enough, yesterday developer ZeniMax Online revealed a trailer and some facts about ESO’s upcoming Greymoor expansion, which takes place in the upper northwest corner of the Viking-themed realm.It looks like a fun romp, especially if you’re into vampires, werewolves, and other assorted favorite Halloween costumes. It also looks and sounds a little too familiar for anyone who’s played the game in the last couple of years, and that’s not just because of the setting. Considering that we’re rapidly approaching the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – one of the most popular RPGs of all time – I would’ve expected something a little more ambitious.To read this article in full, please click here

    US News
    Declassified FBI bulletin says Saudi officials help their citizens fle... - CNN 1 hour ago

        The FBI believes that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia officials "almost certainly" help their US-based citizens flee the country to avoid legal issues, according to a recently declassified intelligence bulletin.

    The truth behind baseball's sign stealing legend - CNN 1 hour ago

        Baseball is a game of legend. Babe Ruth. "Casey at the Bat." Hammerin' Hank Aaron. "A League of Their Own:" In every great and true baseball story, there's a little bit of fiction, and its greatest myths are just believable enough to be true.

    Lawmakers around the nation are proposing bills for -- and against -- ... - CNN 1 hour ago

        At a time when almost everything is politicized, vaccination has planted itself squarely on the national stage.

    Millions remain in the path of a large-scale winter storm as it tracks... - CNN 1 hour ago

        Heavy snow will fall across the Midwest as tens of millions remain in the path of a dangerous winter storm through the weekend.

    Former Florida mayor gets prison after buying BMW, beach condo with $6... - Fox News 2 hours ago

        A former Florida mayor was reportedly sentenced to 51 months in prison and required to pay full restitution Friday for embezzling more than $650,000 from United Way -- after a Navy veteran's testimony played a key role in his conviction.

    World News
    Four South Korean trekkers among seven missing in Nepal avalanche - Reuters World 6 hours ago

        Seven trekkers, including four South Koreans, went missing in Nepal's northwest Himalayan region after an avalanche hit their trail, local police and hiking officials said on Saturday.

    Erdogan calls on Europe to support Turkey's moves in Libya: Politico - Reuters World 6 hours ago

        Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has called on Europe to support its work in Libya, where it is providing military support to the internationally-recognized government, if it wants to end the conflict there.

    To defuse palm row, Davos diplomacy likely between India, Malaysia - Reuters World 9 hours ago

        Trade ministers from India and Malaysia are likely to meet on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos next week amid a palm oil spat between the two countries, a Malaysian government spokesman told Reuters on Friday.

    Beyoncé's new clothing line drops and sends the internet into a frenz... - CNN NEW!

        Queen Bey's latest wardrobe arrived a day early and it's already breaking the internet.

    Iran says it's been banned from hosting international soccer matches - Fox News NEW!

        Iran has been banned from hosting international soccer matches, the country's soccer federation told Iranian media. 

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