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    Most Popular News Headlines
    Two Charged after KSP Pursuit - SurfKY 2 hours ago

        WHEATCROFT, Ky. (2/12/16) — A Webster County man and

    Bill Murray Throws Fans' Phones Off Rooftop After They Take Photos Of ... - Huffington Post 2 hours ago

        Note to self: never take a photo of Bill Murray unless you have permission. A few unsuspecting fans learned that the hard way when they tried to take photos of the actor at the restaurant Vesuvio in Carmel, California. According to TMZ, the "Groundhog Day" actor allegedly saw people's flashes going off, grabbed their phones and threw them off the second story rooftop. The police showed up, but TMZ said that Murray apparently offered to pay for the phones and no one pressed charges.  Murray reportedly has a history of violence, as his ex-wife allegedly claimed in their 2008 divorce papers that the actor "hit her in the face and then told her she was 'lucky he didn't kill her.'" The Huffington Post has reached out to Bill Murray's representatives and will update this post accordingly.    Also on HuffPost:  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

    More Info on Missing Calloway County Woman Jennifer Hicks - WKMS 1 hour ago

        UPDATE: Friday   The Calloway County Sheriff's Office is still looking for Jennifer Hicks, who has not been seen or heard from since noon Tuesday.  The CCSO issued a release earlier today with more information. 

    Alison Brie Once Peed In Her 'Mad Men' Costume, But Shot A Scene Anywa... - Huffington Post 1 hour ago

        Alison Brie revealed Thursday night that although she may have always looked glamorous as "Mad Men’s" Trudy, sometimes the gorgeous costumes were hiding a kind of, uh, gross reality. The actress explained on "Late Night with Seth Myers" that 1960s underwear involved a strong “learning curve” that, on one occasion, resulted in her peeing all over herself. Being the total pro she is, Brie went ahead and shot a scene anyway, and only costume designer Janie Bryant seemed to realize something was amiss. Apparently, when Brie revealed to Bryant what happened, the designer assured her that sort of thing happens “more often than you would think.” Please remind us to never wear girdles. H/T: Jezebel Also on HuffPost: -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

    Jim Harbaugh is spending a bunch of Michigan's money on private jets - FOX Sports 2 hours ago

        Here's the price of doing business as Michigan's football coach.

    Entertainment News
    Dr. Dre Reportedly To Produce A Semi-Autobiographical TV Show For Appl... - Huffington Post 1 hour ago

        Headphone baron Dr. Dre is reportedly looking to expand his empire. In collaboration with Apple, the former N.W.A. rapper is making his first television series, which the tech giant will bankroll as its first effort with original programming, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The scripted, six-episode series said to be titled "Vital Signs" will be semi-autobiographical, with each episode structured "Master of None"-style around a specific theme that Dre's character will explore. While each episode will only last a half hour, the show is more of a dark drama than a comedy. It has "no shortage of violence or sex," writes The Hollywood Reporter. A representative for Apple declined to comment, and a representative for Dr. Dre did not immediately respond to our request. Though it's unclear when we can expect the first season to debut, we have reason to believe that it will be distributed via iTunes or Apple Music. The tech company is rumored to have pressed pause on plans to debut its own streaming service -- a combination of Netflix and live TV -- after Apple executives were noticed meeting with Hollywood studio heads last summer.   Also on HuffPost: -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

    Greyson Chance: Authenticity Appreciation - Huffington Post 1 hour ago

        Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance stopped by AOL BUILD recently to discuss his career thus far. He's come a long way in six years. In 2009, he earned the attention and praise from none other than talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. She was proud to have discovered Chance's YouTube video of him performing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" on piano. It has since went viral and earned millions of views all around the world (55 million + views at the time of writing). He ended up getting signed to, at that time, the newly formed record label of DeGeneres' called eleveneleven. He was the first artist to be on her label. She has committed to all aspects of Chance's debut to the world, from putting his debut album together to giving him the "thumbs up of approval" on her show and through 1-1 email correspondences as Chance explained in his BUILD interview. Chance has grown up in appearance and in sound since the viral video and the succeeding touring. His voice has gotten deeper, and he has grown physically and musically. He has a new mature sound as evidenced by his latest batch of singles "Thrilla in Manila", "Meridians", "Afterlife", and "Hit and Run", the latter of which just released this month. Chance told the BUILD audience that "the lyrics are way more mature" and that "the sounds are a little older as well". "It's now coming from 18-year-old Greyson instead of 12-year-old Greyson". Chance is the real deal and what's commendable is the fact that he hasn't given up despite the lack of mainstream success after his debut album. Chance explained that Lady Gaga gave him advice and made sure it was drilled in his head. She told him to "Don't let this get to you! Just focus on what you do! Focus on the art!". It is evident that he's taken those words with him because he's continued to hone his craft over the past few years after the release of his debut album, Hold On 'til The Night. He's not the typical pop star who's desperate for the next chart-topping money making hit song. He's not the type who would go on publicity stunts just to be in the media spotlight. He's just a normal grounded kid from Oklahoma wanting to read old books and work on his old 1966 Mustang on his down time. He would rather be a hardworking person committing to the studio hours in Los Angeles making music from scratch and performing those songs live in front of his fans. That level of authenticity these days is rare. He even makes a considerable effort to connect with his millions of loyal fans (the Enchancers) online on his Twitter account. Through thick and thin, he's known as a trusted source amongst his followers. Chance has released the aforementioned four singles (as mentioned earlier) over the past two years. "Thrilla in Manila" was released in 2014. It's a funk song that deals with the commotion and disorder between friends when their relationship takes the romantic level. It features Chance's falsetto which he's perfected now that he has a deeper voice. "Meridians" was released in 2015 and is very humbling to listen to. It has a consistent piano melody that portrays the idea of crossing imaginary lines a.k.a. meridians and getting to experience new things in life. It's like a coming of age story where someone leaves their childhood days and is about to embark the young adult life. The closing of a chapter in one's life leads to a new chapter right after. The last two songs are a reintroduction of the "new Greyson" said Chance during the interview session. "Afterlife" was also released last year and it's a song that represented a personal story and point of time in Chance's life. It's the first song that will be featured in his upcoming EP this year. Chance has many musical influences in this song. You can hear a little bit of R&B, jazz, and some funk all in this one song. You can hear Chance's falsetto again towards the 1:00 mark in this song where he recites the lyrics: "Thought I was more than the afterlife. Thought I was more than the... more than the... more than the... baby... oooo -- ooo-oo". Overall, it's a catchy upbeat song with vulnerability that sure to lead the way toward more songs of this style in the future. "Hit and Run", Chance's second and latest single off the upcoming EP once again continues the trend towards his desired new sound. In this song, Chance has another lyrical story being told as the song progresses. It's a powerful song that evokes an alter ego of himself. Chance's alter ego in this song is a mean-spirited person as illustrated by the lyrics: "Don't tell me you love me when I don't" and "Yeah, I am a hit and run and don't call me something I'm not". Chance is definitely not a mean person in reality but that didn't stop his choice of words for a song. This is the kind of maturity his songwriting has evolved to so far at this point of his career which should be applauded. He's not afraid to venture out to mature adult themes in his songs. Personally, I feel that Chance will continue to make music for years to come. With the upcoming EP release this year, he'll sure to gain more success with new fans and followers while maintaining his authentic sound and image. If the new EP gets viral attention ala the "Paparazzi" days then that's just icing on the cake. What matters the most to me and I'm sure for you all is Chance staying true to himself for the rest of his career. Look forward to Chance's second EP titled Somewhere Over My Head which is slated to be released early this year. In the mean time, you can learn more about Greyson Chance and his upcoming tour dates by visiting his official site. Follow his active social media platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat-greyson97. Stream all his songs on Spotify by clicking here. To purchase Greyson's songs on iTunes, click here and at the Google Play store, right here. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

    Ne-Yo Talks 'Formation': Beyoncé 'Has The Right' To Celebrate Her Bla... - Huffington Post 1 hour ago

        R&B singer-songwriter Ne-Yo totally supports Beyoncé's unapologetic celebration of her black identity, he told HuffPost Live on Thursday. Beyoncé's explosive release of "Formation" and the gravity-defying Super Bowl performance that followed left viewers divided over the song's overt blackness and political messages. While dedicated members of the Beyhive applauded the singer for her activist tone, politicians like former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani weren't happy with her performance. In fact, protesters are even planning an "Anti-Beyoncé" rally outside of the NFL headquarters to voice their concerns. But Ne-Yo, who wrote Beyoncé's hit song "Irreplaceable," thinks the issue may have been blown out of proportion a bit. If anyone has the right to speak out on racial issues, it's Beyoncé, he said. "I personally don't think that it was all that serious. ... The critics went a little far with where they took [the meaning of the song]," he said. "But I feel like overall, even if that was what was meant, so what? She has the right, she has the right. Everybody else has the right to talk about their culture and their race and be proud of it, so why can't we? Why can't she?" Ne-Yo praised Beyoncé's ability to authentically portray her multidimensional self through her music and questioned the notion that "Formation" is one of Beyoncé's boldest proclamations of her black identity. "I don't know what makes this more black than anything else she's ever done. Beyoncé knows how to toe that line between elegance and ratchet. She's the epitome of it," he said.  As for the song's message, Ne-Yo said it's necessary considering the widespread conversation about police violence.   "I feel like it's a statement that needs to be made with everything that's going on right now with the whole Black Lives Matter [movement] and just the injustice that's happening with that," he said. "I don't see anything wrong with her celebrating her blackness, if that's even what you want to call it." Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Ne-Yo here.  Want more HuffPost Live? Stream us anytime on Go90, Verizon's mobile social entertainment network, and listen to our best interviews on iTunes. Also on HuffPost:  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

    "Deadpool" Doesn't Take Itself Seriously So Why Should We - Huffington Post 1 hour ago

        Movie Review - Jackie K Cooper "Deadpool" (20th Century Fox) "Deadpool" is a movie that never takes itself seriously and therefore neither does the audience. Everything in this movie is one quip or one liner away from the next one. Ryan Reynolds, the star of the show, breaks the fourth wall consistently as he makes passing asides to the audience. The film ends up being a comedy that features battles between the undead, or can't stay dead, with a little bit of romance wedged into the mix. Wade Smith (Reynolds) is a former Special Forces operative who spends his time looking out for some little guys. He doesn't consider himself a hero, just a man who dislikes bullies. He has a best friend named Weasel (T. J. Miller) and a girlfriend named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Life is going pretty good until he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. At that point things go downhill fast. He is contacted by a man who offers him a cure, but the cure turns out to be complicated. He develops regenerative abilities as well as increased strength and other physical abilities. On the other hand his skin becomes pock-marked and aged so that he looks like a burn victim. One man knows how to get him back to looking normal but he isn't talking. The movie become one fight sequence after another with very little offered in the way of a back story. And the violent sequences are never suspenseful because it seem no one can die, or stay dead. There is a running side story of how two members of "X-Men" are trying to enlist him and it is fairly funny but outstays its interest potential. Baccarin is good as the love interest but she seems to be living in another movie. She doesn't have the light hearted attitude her co-star Reynolds has and tries to build a real character in a world of comic book characters. As Deadpool, Reynolds treats everything as a joke, which is the way the part is intended and as it is written. It is a perfect part for him as he can toss off the one liners with ease and can be sardonic and sarcastic with the best of them. For the majority of the film he is either behind the "Deadpool" mask or the "mutant" makeup so his natural good looks are not on display. The jokes are good and the action sequences are sharply done. The tone of the movie is consistent. It is all snarky comments and four letter words galore. We even get some nudity thrown into the mix. This all accounts for the R rating, which might provide a mild stumbling block for the target audience which is teens. If you are in on the joke and thrive on off color commentary you will have a great time. If the "uniqueness" wears thin halfway through, then not so much. I scored "Deadpool" a cesspool 6 out of 10. Jackie K Cooper www.jackiekcooper.com  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

    This Is What It Was Like To Be At Kanye's Yeezy Season 3 Show - Huffington Post 1 hour ago

        It could be described as the most expensive basement party ever, and it included Anna Wintour, A$AP Rocky passing around blunts, the entire Kardashian family, Lamar Odom's debut appearance after his hospitalization, Naomi Campbell and an exclusive Adidas collection. Yes, we're talking about Yeezy Season 3 and we were were there to watch it all go down -- standing right behind Kanye West.  On Thursday, West debuted his eighth studio album, “The Life of Pablo," before a frenetic crowd at Madison Square Garden and 20 million viewers watching a live stream.  Say what you want about West, but when he releases music, he has our undivided attention. The long-awaited debut of "TLOP" doubled as the launch of West's third collaboration with Adidas, making for a mind-blowing marriage of music, fashion and celebrity. Kanye was a DJ/God who guided us through the journey that was Yeezy Season 3: Yeezy going nuts at #YeezySeason3 ✨ pic.twitter.com/P8gus6n6C3— Melissa Radzimski (@melissaradz) February 11, 2016 Watching Kanye slip an aux cord into a laptop and play tunes from what he touted as the "greatest album of all time," is definitely a surreal experience to say the least. Equally surreal is watching Kylie Jenner's boyfriend Tyga subtly bop his head to the music while smoking one of the many blunts that was passed around. And only at YS3 would one overhear a harried MSG employee shout, "Lil' Kim needs napkins or tissues ... any kind!"  All of this is fitting since fame and celebrity were a major theme throughout the event and West's newest album, which includes a track titled "Famous." Despite all this, the show itself managed to feel extremely personal. Many of the the close to 1,200 models even shed tears as they stood in West's designs, perhaps moved by the breathtaking grandiosity of the presentation that managed to relay a strange sense of intimacy.  Backstage #YeezySeason3 #Yeezy #NYFW A photo posted by melissa radzimski ™ (@melissaradzimski) on Feb 12, 2016 at 4:32am PST West opened up to the audience about his late mother, his dreams of being creative director of Hermès and the way the Kardashian family has adopted him as one of their own. West also previewed his forthcoming video game, at which the Internet has already scoffed, but the game's objective -- helping his late mother Donda West fly to heaven -- does tug at the heartstrings a bit.  As Kanye did his thing at MSG, the presentation was simultaneously being shown on nearly 800 movie screens across 26 countries. At the listening event at AMC Kips Bay in New York City, which one of our editors also attended, Yeezy fans of all types waited with bated breath to get a taste of West's new music. If the MSG performance was meant for the music and fashion elite, than this screening was for the people.  From the group of high schoolers who couldn’t stop repeating the now infamous #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch to the young woman who scarfed on movie theater nachos as she bumped to Kanye’s new beats, people were into it. At one point, a man led the audience in a “turn up” cheer to compel the audio engineer to boost the volume, which was unfortunately way too low to do the album justice. When the smell of marijuana started to waft through the theater, a particularly vocal individual demanded that the audience match his level of enthusiasm. “C’mon, y’all, this is Kanye. We all paid $35 for this shit.” By the end of the screening, “Real Friends” wasn’t just the best song off “TLOP,” but a mantra of shared camaraderie among Yeezy fanatics hearing West's new gospel for the first time. While some inarguably feel removed from the fashion world and look on West's project with disdain, the most impressive feat of all was accomplished at Yeezy Season 3. He lifted his veil. Despite bombarding us with Twitter sprees and dropping claims about every industry under the sun, Yeezy still is that backpack rapper from Chicago who is just really hyped about music. There wasn't a moment during the show when the audience wasn't entranced by every track from "The Life of Pablo." Not even standing among Hollywood's biggest names could seduce someone from the energy and rawness that totally defines Ye's music.    Also on HuffPost:  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

    Financial News
    Tougher lending standards pose risk to outlook for Fed - Reuters 1 hour ago

        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A recent tightening of credit for U.S. companies is threatening to undermine economic growth, making it less likely the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates anytime soon.

    Congress passes tougher North Korea sanctions, sends bill to Obama - Reuters 2 hours ago

        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed legislation on Friday broadening sanctions to punish North Korea for its nuclear program, human rights record and cyber crimes, and sent the measure to President Barack Obama to sign into law.

    Young blacks more open to Bernie Sanders' White House bid - Reuters 3 hours ago

        ORANGEBURG, S.C. (Reuters) - If Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders has a chance of drawing African-American voters away from rival Hillary Clinton in South Carolina's presidential nominating contest on Feb. 27, his best opportunity will be among the young.

    U.S., UK likely to charge multiple banks in Libor rigging: WSJ - Reuters 3 hours ago

        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - American and British regulators are likely to charge several banks including Citigroup, the third-largest U.S. bank, and London-based HSBC Holdings, in an interest-rigging probe, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

    Oregon refuge searched for evidence, explosives after occupiers leave - Reuters 3 hours ago

        BURNS, Ore. (Reuters) - Law enforcement officials on Friday were sweeping a wildlife refuge in Oregon for possible live explosives and evidence, a day after the last holdouts in a protest over federal control of Western land surrendered, ending a six-week armed standoff.

    Health News
    Brazil minister says no doubt Zika connected to microcephaly - AP 2 hours ago

        BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) -- Brazil's health minister said Friday that authorities were "absolutely sure" that the Zika virus is connected to devastating birth defects and rejected criticism that the government was slow to investigate the surge of cases that set off international alarms....

    Kroger to offer anti-overdose drug without prescription - AP 4 hours ago

        CINCINNATI (AP) -- Ohio-based grocery chain Kroger Co. said Friday it will make the overdose-reversal drug naloxone available without a prescription in its pharmacies across Ohio and northern Kentucky, a region hard-hit by deadly heroin....

    Health minister urges Brazilians to join Zika battle - AP 4 hours ago

        BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) -- Brazil's health minister is calling on residents to join the government's battle to eliminate Zika, saying that keeping homes free of mosquitoes is the most-effective way to contain the virus....

    No classes at Pennsylvania college as 192 students sickened - AP 5 hours ago

        COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. (AP) -- Classes and weekend activities have been canceled at Ursinus College in eastern Pennsylvania as the school deals with a mystery illness that has sickened more than 190 students....

    No classes at Pennsylvania college as 185 students sickened - AP 7 hours ago

        COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. (AP) -- Classes and weekend activities have been canceled at Ursinus College in eastern Pennsylvania as the school deals with a mystery illness that has sickened at least 185 students....

    Regional News
    Puppy Love: Humane Society Waiving Adoption Fees Friday, Saturday - SurfKY 1 hour ago

        HOPKINS COUNTY, Ky. (2/12/16) — Some say money can’t buy love.That’s whyRead more...

    Owensboro Board Of Commissioners Commission Meeting Feb. 16 - SurfKY 1 hour ago

        OWENSBORO, Ky. (2/12/16) — The Owensboro Board of Commissioners will holdRead more...

    More Info on Missing Calloway County Woman Jennifer Hicks - WKMS 1 hour ago

        UPDATE: Friday   The Calloway County Sheriff's Office is still looking for Jennifer Hicks, who has not been seen or heard from since noon Tuesday.  The CCSO issued a release earlier today with more information. 

    House Passes Bill to Create Definition of Bullying for All Kentucky Sc... - WKMS 1 hour ago

        Legislation seeking to establish a statewide definition for bullying in schools has passed the state House.  

    Murray State Basketball Star, Tennis Coach Bennie Purcell Dies at 86 - WKMS 1 hour ago

        Former Murray State University basketball star and tennis coach Bennie Purcell has died. Purcell was 86.

    Science News
    From huts to cities: Changes in dwellings impact microbe exposure for ... - EurekaAlert NEW!

        The shift from living in jungle huts to cities has dramatically changed human exposure to certain microbes.

    Caught in the act: UW astronomers find a rare supernova 'impostor' in ... - EurekaAlert NEW!

        University of Washington astronomers have identified a rare type of supernova 'impostor' in a nearby galaxy, with implications for how scientists look at the short, complex lives of massive stars.

    A new form of frozen water? - EurekaAlert 1 hour ago

        A University of Nebraska-Lincoln-led research team has predicted a new molecular form of ice with a record-low density. If the ice can be synthesized, it would become the 18th known crystalline form of water and the first discovered in the US since before World War II.

    Registry data used to examine gender gaps in blood thinners, appropria... - EurekaAlert 1 hour ago

        The American College of Cardiology's National Cardiovascular Data Registry was the source of data for several research studies published in the final three months of 2015, including a study examining outcomes between certified and non-certified physicians, gender gaps in the use of oral anticoagulants, and appropriate use criteria.

    An engineer's valentine to children - EurekaAlert 1 hour ago

        Children born with a certain congenital heart defect often need a percutaneous pulmonary valve surgically inserted when they are 10 to 15 years old. Vittoria Flamini, an industry assistant professor in NYU Tandon School of Engineering's Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, has developed computer simulations to determine if that surgery will be successful and if the necessary valve will fit in the individual's heart -- before the surgery takes place.

    Sports News
    Bear opting not to pursue Forte in free agency - CBS Sports NEW!

        Bear opting not to pursue Forte in free agency

    Derek Carr posted the most adorable video of him and his son - FOX Sports NEW!

        Derek Carr and his young son have the cutest phone conversation

    LeBron still undecided about plans for Olympics - CBS Sports 1 hour ago

        LeBron still undecided about plans for Olympics

    Reports: Horford replaces injured Bosh in ASG - CBS Sports 1 hour ago

        Reports: Horford replaces injured Bosh in ASG

    Warriors want NBA season win mark, but title is top goal - Yahoo Sports 1 hour ago

        Stephen Curry is playing better than he did last season, when he was the NBA's Most Valuable Player, and he has the Golden State Warriors winning at a historic rate. Curry is leading the league with 29.8 points a game, six more points a game than he averaged last season, and his 245 3-pointers are on pace to shatter the one-season NBA record of 286 he set last season. On top of that, the defending champion Warriors are on pace to surpass the best season in NBA history, the 72-10 campaign of the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls in the 1995-96 season when they went on to win the title.

    Technology News
    Gaming on Linux, Steam machines set to soar with DirectX competitor Vu... - PC World 1 hour ago

        The look of games on Linux-based Steam machines and mobile devices should improve significantly with the soon-to-be-released Vulkan API (application programming interface).Vulkan can be used for many applications, but is most relevant to games, much like DirectX for Windows. The new API is a much-needed upgrade from the aging OpenGL, which was first introduced in 1991 by Silicon Graphics.Khronos, the consortium behind the development of Vulkan, hasn't provided a formal release date for Vulkan. But momentum for the API has grown in recent weeks with Intel and Qualcomm talking about it.Khronos has scheduled an introductory Vulkan webinar for Feb. 18. The consortium in December delayed the release of Vulkan 1.0, but said development was in its "final stretch." To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

    Five to Try: Nike shows off its SNKRS, and Alto's Adventure is winter ... - PC World 2 hours ago

        Snag the week's most enticing new Android apps and games.

    What Facebook's policy on nudity means in practice - AP 2 hours ago

        NEW YORK (AP) -- What are Facebook's rules for posting nude images?...

    Visa discloses stake in Dorsey's company, Square - AP 2 hours ago

        NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares in the mobile payment services company Square rose sharply Friday after Visa disclosed the details of its ownership stake in the company....

    Documents show Volkswagen resisted Takata air bag recall - AP 2 hours ago

        DETROIT (AP) -- Volkswagen resisted U.S. government efforts to recall more cars and trucks to fix potentially deadly Takata air bags, telling safety regulators that a recall isn't necessary....

    US News
    Ferguson mayor: City told DOJ agreement no sure thing - Yahoo NEW!

        FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Ferguson's mayor says city leaders warned U.S. Department of Justice negotiators last month that they couldn't guarantee approval of a plan to address the agency's scathing review of Ferguson's courts and police.

    AccuWeather: Cold Today, Frigid Weekend - Yahoo NEW!

        Meteorologist Adam Joseph says dangerous wind chills and record lows are part of the weekend package. The worst period will be from Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning.

    Court gunman's widow sentenced to life in prison - Yahoo NEW!

        DOVER, Del. (AP) — The ailing widow of a man who killed his former daughter-in-law at a Delaware courthouse has been sentenced to life in prison.

    Manhole cover crashes into SUV's windshield, killing driver - AP NEW!

        BOSTON (AP) -- A dislodged manhole cover weighing more than 200 pounds went airborne and crashed through an SUV's windshield on a major highway, killing a woman as she drove during the Friday morning commute, authorities said....

    What Moms Really Want for Valentine’s Day - Fox News 1 hour ago

        Kids, ditch the flowers, candy, wine. Do your laundry instead!

    World News
    The Latest: Pope, patriarch sign declaration on unity - AP NEW!

        HAVANA (AP) -- The latest on Pope Francis's historic meeting in Cuba with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill and his subsequent trip to Mexico (all times local):...

    Saudi envoy: Aid groups in Yemen urged to 'be careful' - Fox News 1 hour ago

        Saudi Arabia's permanent representative in Geneva says his country sent letters to the U.N.

    The Latest: Rubio says he doesn't support women's draft - AP 1 hour ago

        COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- The Latest on campaign 2016. (all times local):...

    The Latest: Pope, patriarch exchange symbolic gifts - AP 1 hour ago

        HAVANA (AP) -- The Latest on Pope Francis's historic meeting in Cuba with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill and his subsequent trip to Mexico (all times local):...

    The Latest: UN envoy: Key to Syria deal is its 'commitment' - AP 1 hour ago

        BEIRUT (AP) -- The Latest on the conflict in Syria and international diplomatic efforts to end the violence (all times local):...

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