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    VCI supports the commonly used POP3 and IMAP protocols for retrieving emails. We also support SSL.

    We support auto configure on Apple devices and many desktop email clients. With auto configure you simply enter your email address and password. The auto configure option creates an IMAP account on your device with all the applicable server settings.

    Secure (SSL)Plain Text (non-SSL)
    IncomingServer Namepop.vci.netpop.vci.net
    POP3 Port995110
    IMAP Port993143
    AuthenticationEmail address and passwordEmail address and password

    OutgoingServer Namemail.vci.netmail.vci.net
    SMTP Port25 or 58725 or 587
    AuthenticationEmail address and passwordEmail address and password

    Email Restrictions
    1. Inbox - Customer inboxes have a 1 gigabyte limit. Emails are denied if a customer's inbox is over the 1 gigabyte limit.
    2. Emails - VCI mail servers have a 30 megabyte limit on each email, incoming or outgoing. If a customer tries to send an email over the 30 meg limit the email will be rejected.

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